House Salad  4.50
sesame d/carrot&ginger d/peanut d/asian d/sesame ponzu d)
Grilled Chicken Salad  11.50
grilled teriyaki chicken breast/mix green salad/sesame dressing
Crispy Chicken Salad  11.50
fried chicken breast in bread crumb/mix green salad/carrot dressing
Grilled Steak Salad  14.50
grilled steak/spring mix/napa cabbage/red onion/carrot/mint/cilantro/peanut/ peanut butter dressing
Grilled Salmon Salad  14.95
filet of salmon grilled/avocado/mango/tomatoes/spring mix/madai dressing
Seared Ahi Salad  15.95
fresh ahi steak/spring mix/avocado/mango/tomatoes/vinegar miso
Sashimi Salad  18.95
fresh tuna/fresh salmon/red snapper/squid salad/spring mix/tomato/orange/ mango/sesame dressing
Seaweed Salad  5.50
Squid Salad  5.50
if you have any food allergies, please inform your server before ordering

Small Plates

Chicken teriyaki boxes 7.50
grilled chicken breast/fried rice/mini chocolate cake /steam broccoli
Karaage boxes 7.50
fried chicken thigh/fried rice/mini chocolate cake /steam broccoli
Salmon boxes 7.50
grilled salmon teriyaki/fried rice/mini chocolate cake /steam broccoli
Beef teriyaki boxes 7.50
grilled steak/fried rice/mini chocolate cake /steamed broccoli
Shrimp tempura boxes 7.50
2 tempura shrimps/fried rice/mini chocolate cake /steamed broccoli
Fish stick boxes 7.50
crispy salmon&snapper/fried rice/ mini chocolate cake/steamed broccoli
Fried calamari 7.50
crispy bread calamari/fried rice/mini chocolate cake/steamed broccoli
*all kids meal include miso soup & kids drink*



miso soup with tofu/green onion and seaweed  2.00
edamame (soy beans)  5.00
seaweed salad** 5.00
squid salad** 5.50
baby octopus** 5.50
steamed rice (white or brown)  1.00
sushi rice  2.00



Dinner & Lunch Menu:

miso soup with tofu/green onion/seaweed 2.00
ginger mash potato 4.50
steamed white rice or brown rice 2.00
sushi rice 2.00
edamame 5.00
sauteed or steamed mix vegetables 4.50

                                                   2 pieces     6 pieces
                                                       sushi        sashimi

tuna                                                5.95           15.95

white tuna                                       5.95           15.95
yellowtail (hamachi)                         5.95           15.95
kanpachi                                         7.95           17.95
tai (madai)                                      5.95            15.95
fresh salmon                                   4.95            12.95
seared tuna                                     5.95            15.95
albacore tuna                                  4.95            12.95
smoked salmon **                          4.95            12.95
snapper                                          3.95              8.95
squid (ika)                                      3.95              8.95
octopus (tako) **                            4.95            12.95
crab meat (kani) **                         5.95            13.95
mackerel (saba)                              3.95              8.95
fresh water eel (unagi) **                5.95            12.95
shrimp (ebi) **                               4.95            12.95
scallop                                           4.95              n/a
sea urchin (uni)                               mkt               mkt
sweet shrimp (raw)                         7.95            17.95
smelt roe (masago)                         3.95             8.95
salmon roe (ikura)                          4.95            11.95
flying fish roe (tabiko)                     4.95            10.95
black caviar                                    4.95            10.95
wasabi caviar                                  4.95           10.95
quail egg                                        1.00              n/a
egg omelet (tamago)**                    2.95             8.95
crabstick **                                     4.95           12.95




Kid's Meal

Tempura & Salad

Sushi & Sashimi

Mon - Fri: 11AM - 3PM

[filled with california roll, orange, salad, tempura, miso soup]  (no substitution)
chicken teriyaki 10.95
spicy chicken 11.95
fried chicken (katsu) 10.95
beef teriyaki 12.95
spicy beef 12.95

roll bento 13.95

(2pieces each;spicy tuna rolland spicy salmon roll)
sushi bento 13.95

(1piece each; tuna, salmon, snapper, shrimp)
sashimi bento 15.95

(sushi 1 each&sashimi 2 each; tuna, salmon, snapper, shrimp)

grilled salmon 13.95

[served with sauteed vegetable, white or brown rice,miso soup]  (no substitution)
grilled/fried chicken teriyaki 8.95
spicy chicken 8.95
beef teriyaki 9.95
spicy beef 9.95
vegetable(add tofu 2.00) 6.95
grilled salmon 11.95
chirashi bowl (assorted sashimi over sushi rice) 18.95

miso soup with tofu,seaweed and green onion 1.50
sauteed vegetables or steamed 3.00
edamame (soy bean) 3.50
house salad 3.50
steamed rice (white or brown) 1.00
sushi rice 1.00

Madai Sushi brings Japanese infusion to Frisco Texas. With our unique twist on Sushi and Japanese food, you're sure to find a dish that you'll love. We start with only the freshest ingredients to stir fry delicious melodies of tastes and colors that are sure to delight the senses. A unique taste that must be experienced, you'll return again and again and find something new with every visit.

Fried Rolls

Madai Signature Roll

Madai roll 12.95
salmon/red snapper/tuna/masago/avocado wrapped in cucumber/served with eel sauce and ponzu sauce
Custer roll 12.95
smoked salmon/cream cheese/cucumber and avocado wrapped in cucumber/ served with eel sauce
Eldorado roll 12.95
salmon/crabstrick/shrimp/avocado/masago wrapped in cucumber/served with sweet vinaigrette
Frisco roll 12.95
snow crab mix/salmon/carrot/asparagus/masago wrapped in cucumber/served with eel sauce /avocado

Grilled sesame tuna** 25.95
tuna steaks/broccoli//bell pepper/shiitake mushroom/ carrot/teriyaki sauce/ with ginger tamarind sauce
Salmon teriyaki** 21.95
grilled fillet salmon/bell pepper/shiitake mushroom/carrot/ asian pineapple sauce/ brown rice
Sweet asian short ribs** 20.00
slow cooked short ribs marinated in teriyaki/sweet potato puree
Yellowtail (hamachi) teriyaki** 25.95
fillet yellowtail (hamachi) /broccoli/bell pepper/shiitake mushroom /with teriyaki/thin bread crumb sushi rice
Beef teriyaki** 21.00
strip steak beef/sauteed vegetable/brown/white rice or yakisoba /with teriyaki sauce
Chicken teriyaki** 17.00
grilled chicken breast/sauteed vegetables/brown/white rice or yakisoba /served with teriyaki sauce
Whole fish** 21.00
steamed or friedwhole red snapper/fresh ginger/ tomato/green onion /shiitake/madai seasoning

Chirashi bowl  23.95
assorted sashimi over sushi rice

Ice cream  2.00
vanilla/ green tea/ lychee/strawberry
Tempura ice cream  5.00
vanilla/ green tea/ lychee
Tempura bananas  6.00
slices of bananas/ lightly tempura and sweet glazed/ served with your choice of ice cream
Mochi ice cream  6.00
delicious ice cream encased in a layer of rice cake/ choose 3 per order

green tea/vanilla/red bean/strawberry/mango/chocolate
Mini chocolate cake 6.00
chocolate cake/served with choice of ice cream

Sushi / Sashimi

Seafood Mix (choose four) 7.95
Shrimp Tempura ( three shrimps) 5.95
Vegetable Mix (choose six) 5.50
zucchini/eggplant/sweet potato/carrot/broccoli/shiitake mushroom
Combination Tempura  12.00
4 seafoods/6 vegetables

Rolls House

Lunch Special

California ** 6.50
snow crab mix/avocado and cucumber
Rainbow 12.95
snow crab mix/ avocado/cucumber/ topped with tuna/salmon/yellowtail/shrimp/avocado

Caterpillar ** 12.95
baked eel/cucumber topped with avocado/ served with
eel sauce
Dragon roll** 12.95
snow crab mix/avocado/cucumber/ topped with baked eel/ served eel sauce
Spicy tuna 7.95
spicy tuna and cucumber
Spicy salmon 7.95
spicy salmon and cucumber
Spicy yellowtail 7.95
spicy yellowtail and scallions
Eel roll ** 7.95
baked eel/cucumber/ avocado/ served with eel sauce
Calamari roll 6.95
calamari tempura/ avocado/cucumber/ topped with masago
Spider roll ** 8.95
soft shell crab tempura/ avocado/ cucumber/ served with
eel sauce
Shrimp tempura roll ** 6.95
shrimp tempura/ avocado/ cucumber/ served with
brown miso
Louisiana roll ** 6.95
crawfish tails tempura/ avocado/ cucumber/ served with spicy miso
Philadelphia ** 6.95
smoked salmon/ cream cheese/ avocado and cucumber
Alaska 12.95
snow crab mix/ avocado/cucumber/ topped with salmon
and avocado
Volcano **  15.95
scallop baked in spicy creamy sauce served over
california roll

(Rolls no rice / no seaweed)

Our Menu

Featured Rolls


**Denotes cooked items
//We strictly adhere to the US FDA's guidelines for storage,
processing, preparation and serving of all food//

Consumption of raw or under-cooked seafood (including shellfish),
poultry, meat or dairy products can be hazardous to your health,
particularly if you have certain medical condition including
(but not limited to) diabetes, kidney disease, certain heart condition
or other immunosuppressive conditions.

Please consult your physician before consuming
such product if you have any question or concerns

All prices are subject to change without notice


Eel tempura roll ** 11.95
bbq eel/asparagus/cream cheese/avocado/masago/ tempura  fried served with eel sauce and spicy mayo
Bangkok roll   11.95
fresh salmon/cream cheese/avocado/tempura  fried
top with fresh jalapeno/spicy mayo and srirasha hot sauce
Andy roll ** 11.95
crab mix/avocado/cucumber/top with fried shrimp/ eel sauce and spicy mayo
Cosmo roll ** 11.95
smoke salmon/cream cheese/avocado/cucumber/  fried/served with eel sauce
Loco roll   11.95
spicy albacore tuna/fresh jalapeno/cilantro and sriracha mix/shrimp/avocado/served tempura fried over spicy mayo and eel sauce


Washington roll 13.95
snow crab mix/avocado/cucumber/topped with fresh salmon and mayonnaise bake/served with eel sauce/ sriracha hot sauce
New /York roll 13.95
yellow tail/salmon/seared tuna/cilantro/spicy ponzu sauce topped with crunchy and masago

Sunset roll 13.95
spicy tuna/ cucumber/topped with tuna and crabstick/ cream wasabi and spicy mayo
Weekend roll ** 13.95
snow crab mix/shrimp tempura/cream cheese/ topped with crabstick/spicy mayo/sriracha and eel sauce
Florida roll 13.95
spicy salmon/shrimp tempura/cream cheese/ topped with snow crab mix/eel sauce/spicy mayo and sliced fresh jalapeno
Dallas roll ** 8.00
steak teriyaki/tamago/avocado/carrot/ served with teriyaki sauce


Twin tower 15.95
fresh tuna/salmon marinated in house sauce/ over crab meat/avocado /sushi rice/caviar/crispy wonton/creamy wasabi sauce
Tuna poke 16.95
tuna sashimi cube/avovado/lemon juice/green onion with spicy poke sauce
Yellowtail heaven 15.95
yellowtail sashimi with shaved /ponzu sauce/topped with spicy sauce/green onion
Cucumber wrapped sushi 13.95
cucumber wrapped sushi topped with salmon/ yellowtail/tuna marinated chili oil
Spicy salmon or spicy tuna rice cake 13.95
spicy salmon or tuna over fried crispy sushi rice/served with yuzu sauce
Double crab** 13.95
fried soft shell crab/crab salad stuffing/top with spicy mayo
Stuffed submarine** 12.95
jalapeno/stuffed with crab mix/cream cheese/lightly tempura /served with spicy eel sauce
Salmon cake 12.95
fresh salmon/mayonnaise/mustard/cayenne pepper /onion/red bell pepper/ginger/mashed potatoes/spicy mayo
Miso glazed black cod** 13.95
buttery black cod with sweet miso marinade

Crab cake** 13.95
super lump crabmeat/mayo/mustard/egg/cayenne pepper/seasoning /served with mix spring salad/avocado/tomatoes /mango/

Sweets & Treats

Madai Sushi

Agedashi tofu 4.50
dice tofu/coated in corn starch and fried served with soy mirin green onion and pickle ginger
Chicken skewers 5.50
grilled skinless chicken thigh and green onion on bamboo skewer /teriyaki sauce
Chicken meatballs (skewers)  6.50
ground chicken/tofu/sweet bell peppers/green onion/ginger /served with teriyaki sauce
Beef skewers 7.50
steak on skewers seasoning salt/pepper/sesame oil and Teriyaki glaze

Beef meatballs 7.50
ground beef/egg/breadcrumb/brown sugar/ onion/lemon juice /served with teriyaki sauce
Mom's shrimp balls 8.95
prawns/onion/green onion/ginger/salt and pepper/deep fried /served with teriyaki sauce
Madai dumplings 9.95
asian style dumplings/filled with snow crab mix/tsuyu sauce
Sauteed vegetables 5.50
broccoli/zucchini/yellow onion/red bell pepper/yellow bell pepper/ white mushroom/carrot
Salmon skewers 8.95
grilled salmon filet without skin/served with teriyaki sauce
Kobe potstickers 9.50
ground kobe beef/garlic/bean sprout/cabbage/tofu
/served with tsuyu sauce
Yakisoba chicken 8.50
soba noodles/chicken breast/onion/carrot/broccoli/chili paste/soy sauce
Fried rice chicken 5.50 beef or shrimp 7.50 combo 9.50
steamed rice/yellow onion/carrot/green onion/egg/garlic butter/soy sauce
Crispy calamari 8.95
breadcrumbs fresh calamari rings/served with spicy mayo
Japanese popcorn shrimp 8.95
medium shrimp encrusted in breadcrumbs/served with spicy mayo
Snow rolls 8.95
rice paper rolls with spring mix /snow crab mix /noodle/mango/cucumber /shrimp/peanut sauce
Chicken spring roll 8.50
chicken breast/carrot/cucumber/cilantro/mint /served with sesame dipping sauce